We are a top of the line Artist Marketing company with a national client base offering many services spanning the entire gammit of hitting your target niche market to get you maximum exposure. Since day one we were founded on the principle of “For Artists by Artists.”, Keeping the creative edge, yet using what we loving call rockstar and ingenius advertising tactics such as intelligent and automated websites, and full social network integration.

No matter what your artistic release is the fact is in today’s entertainment world the game has changed… The artist has to become the marketer or else they are left in the dust by often less talented but more properly marketed competitors.

Not only do we offer a vast variety of services for hire and products for your endeavors, we also offer many free tips, lessons, and articles hosted on the Avant Entertainment blog. Topics covered are niche marketing, sales psychology for artists, and even down to syndicated pieces specific to certain types of art forms, such as Music Production, Live Show and Performance, etc…

Please take your time to enjoy everything we have here to offer you and as always if you have any questions or concerns contact us directly.

Wishing you all success, happiness, and maximum market exposure – STAY TRUE TO YOUR ART!

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